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This tile is from Mainquilters Strike Back!

Comment: Nebular Blob...
By: gecko
Checked out at: September 02, 2001
Checked in at: September 02, 2001
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A 1... it's that ugly, huh? :)
Why are people voting so low? I like this tile, I think it's one of the better space tiles on this quilt!
Re: ???
Dunno, maybe it doesn't really fit in very well. a 1 isn't too bad of a score, I just didn't expect it. Oh well, it's a 3 now so I don't care. I guess it's not one of my better tiles either. *shrug*
Re: ???
gecky the tile machine :) i love every tile you've made...i love this one too. I think it blends great with it's surroundings. It's kinda like a filler tile i suppose...like it's there but at the same time it doesnt pop out at you right away. Great tile. So, shoot me, i gave it a +5 :)

retsy :P
You're just too used to being the best :)
maybe it's tall poppy syndrome
Re: You're just too used to being the best :)
Yeah, yeah... you know it kills poppys when you step on them, Kim. ;)
jk. *shrivels on her own will*