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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: ??? Thought maybe a horse's tail...
By: gecko
Checked out at: August 16, 2001
Checked in at: August 16, 2001
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Didn't give the person up top very much to work with.. must've been tired when I did this.... sorry to whoever got the tile.
Re: Whoops
Ponytail itself is beautiful, why such a poor
blending on the left egde? :-(
Re: Re: Whoops
There's a very dark edge on the adjacent tile, and as much as I tried to get it to look right, I couldn't... Tried for 15 minutes at least on that one little spot. I run into a lot of problems like that, perhaps I should've made it into something else that would've curved down instead of up... too late now.
Re: Re: Re: Whoops
Ah, you right, should go pinch Tile Machine
guy's butt then ;-F ...I had a couple of edges
like this before, couldn't think of anything
but some object with a shadow near the edge...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Whoops
No way am I going anywhere near that guy's butt. ;P But, yeah, one of my upcoming tiles is rather.. hm... well, it has an unblended part because the artist left a black line on the side of it, but not all of the tile, so I made a silly remark on the tile about it... It will probably get me into trouble. :p
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Whoops
We'll take care of it, don't worry.
After all, I've got my points for
"black is evil" hate tile ,-)

...I think I should try faking those
black lines in the middle of my next
tile... =8-)
oh well...
yeah it kinda sucks about the line on the lefthand side...but it happens :)
great job overall on your tile though.