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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: sauron's hand
By: jito
Checked out at: August 04, 2001
Checked in at: August 04, 2001
Checkout tile:


The bottom blend is too unsmooth :(
Buy yourself a new pair of glasses/monitor/brain etc...
The pic itself is worth a 5, though.
Re: :(
you do that a lot.

You make a really nice tile,
but don't blend it very well, (leaving hard edges)

Before you upload it,

You should zoom way in on where your edge meets the borders, and make sure it matches pixel for pixel.

I find that's the best way.

Oh yeah, and turn your screen brightness WAY up.

Re: Re: :(
stop with your cents and dollar
and click on tonchyz pic
watch the back border
and say yourself ooops
jito made a great job to blend to an absolutely
black border

"You make a really nice tile,
but don't blend it very well, (leaving hard edges)
Re: Re: :(
i have checked this on friend comp
so , excuse me
and u true i think my monitor is less then 0.02 cents

but go to tonchy and watch
he made a discontinuity white line just on the top
border of his tile
i dunno if it's him or the ice alpha blender
but i had this problem a lot
Re: :(
veeraw you are someone
have been
very impolit i don't know what the ... u doing here again

to say things u didn't study enough
watch better
there is a 10 pixel black border
on top wasn't me who did that
so don't talk to me to blend to a 14 pixels large band (black)
or open your eyes
u want see the original?
ask here u will see there is nothing to blend on tonchyz
he for my point probably thinked his tile was the last on

the top of the quilt

ps: thanx for your votes
Re: watch better
Except that *isn't* a 10 pixel black border. It *is* a dark section, but you really should turn your monitor brightness up. There is quite a bit of tonal variety in that edge, it fades from dark red to a black, with little light patches at the edges. The previous commentors were absolutely right.

You seem to be WAY too defensive and combative about HONEST criticism. You even get hyperdefensive and point fingers at the work of others when people give you advice. :(

Maybe some of it is the language barrier, but surely some if this is due to your own intentions.
Re: watch better
I think there must be something goofy with your monitor,

I opened the two tiles in photoshop,
Tonchyz top line (other than those odd white bitz) was mostly R: 30, G: 0, B: 4

Where the bottom line of yours, Jito, was R : 0, G : 1, B : 0

There's the mismatch causing the hard line.

If your monitor is deceiving you, then you should probably zoom WAY in and colour match.

Re: Re: watch better
I admit there is a really dark top edge, but i usually draw tiles with the monitor brightness at 100% so i don't miss any hidden shades / details. It's partially my fault there.
Re: Re: Re: watch better
my monitor is very bad
it's an old one opened 24/24
so... was difficult to figure out
those colors
i use picker top blend
i rarely check the info box
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Re: Jito Wins!...
hehehe ;))
take that Jito ;)))
You may not know that, but Root88 has just insulted you in the most
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