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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: incoming.. boo!
By: toml
Checked out at: August 02, 2001
Checked in at: August 03, 2001
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this is i think my fourth tile.. i've kinda stopped doing tiles so much as i'm not very good i'm wondering if anyone has any constructive criticism on my tiles?
Cool ghosts. Super Mario/Nintendo, right? =)

Re: Haha.
yep, the whipsy stuff above my tile made me think of ghosts
Re: Re: Haha.
so you want constructive critisism? .. well, you're tiles as in tiles are very good, they put lot of content for people to blend with etc... Now, for the artwork in them, I suggest you add more detail and more texture (read: odd hand-made noise giving structure) ... Anyway, that's the only concrete thing I can think of now... Start with that and maybe I'll come up with something else later... just doodle a bit with a little darker shade on top of it all and see if it looks good...
Re: Re: Re: Haha.
thanks! i'm not good at this art stuff, i shoulda drawn more as a kid probably! i'll try more when i find the time though. thanks again.