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This tile is from I've Got the Blues [Color Theme]

Comment: Total Perspective Vortex
Checked out at: July 21, 2001
Checked in at: July 22, 2001
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Really cool tile
Much better than your previous ones. I love the Adams reference as well. Great blending.

Re: Really cool tile
How many Adams references are here, anyway?..
I've seen them in at least 3 quilts... ahoy!
Re: Re: Really cool tile
42, mostly harmless and this tile. There is
gurgle blaster to show up in newbies quilt ;-)

Talking of tiles, IMHO the quality of tile
highly depends on borders - there were two
great hints in the bottom of this one: red-eyed
creature and starfield. I owe my credits and
points to the author.
The tile was 4.5/4 than it went down to 3/5.
That means someone voted -3, right? I only
wish this person get back and explain what
is that much wrong with the tile :-/