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Comment: Man, these were hard borders to work with :P
By: Fydo
Checked out at: July 07, 2001
Checked in at: July 08, 2001
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Good Job...
Good Job dealing with the borders!
Re: Good Job...
Definitely!! Super job figurin out what to do with that AHEM nasty white line :-). I dunno what I'd have done.
I can't vote on my own tile, my score is too high for the newbie quilt now, lol

Thanks for the compliment on the borders, took me quite a while to get that tree looking right :)

Re: Hehe
It's not a tree!! :) It's a sort of bionic, fleshy egg (think Aliens).. and the red stars pop out of them.. I made the one on the right first, so I thought I'd show one bursting open.. was hoping that you could tell (though.. you didn't see the top of it :) .. grr.. still upset that I was told I didn't have anything above me, and the guy above me was told he didn't have anything below him..
Re: Re: Hehe
Oh.. LOL, I guess it's a tree now, that bursts open and has red stars popping out of them. Pretty strange, but I'm sure there's stranger things on some of these quilts :)