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Comment: OK, I hope everyone likes the theme I went with here..
By: phlog
Checked out at: July 07, 2001
Checked in at: July 07, 2001
Checkout tile:


Damn.. I kept re-checking-out this tile.. so, in between the first checkout and the last, the guy above me did he tile.. but I didn't know to blend for it.. which is why my tile completely clashes with his.. is there any way this sort of situation should be avoided, such that the artist doesn't have to be quite so careful?
Re: Ouch..
He didnt' check in his tile while you were working on yours. He checked his tile in on the 3rd, and you checked yours in on the 7th. We have code running that makes sure two tiles next to each other can't be checked out. The deal is that he submitted his on the 3rd, which was when we were getting slashdotted. No doubt this prevented the scripts from running that would regenerate the available image that you got. If this happens again, let me know. But I'm willing to chalk this up to the Slashdot effect hard at work.