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Comment: It's not the titanic on a waterfall
Checked out at: July 08, 2001
Checked in at: July 09, 2001
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hey-ya :)
your tile is very nice, all your tiles are pretty cool...just one quick suggestion, in almost all your tiles, the border, the last one or sometimes two pixles that go around the picture are totally a differant colour blend then the rest of your picture..this prolly sounds confusing, i apologize...dont know the best way to explain... welp, like i had the tile next to yours..to the right. If you look closely at your tile, you will see a drastic colour change (blending wise) on the very border of the picture you uploaded. so its really hard for the person who gets a tile around you to blend to your tile, at least in my instance, i speak for no one else. I dont know something to think about. If you have any comments for me , let me know...im always up for some help...thanks..keep up the awesome work..:)
Thank you for pointing that out! I had not noticed, but the problem is very clear now. It stems from the way I make tiles in photoshop... sometimes I accidentally blend the white and black static of the original tile over onto the content of my tile. I will alter my workflow to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(
Re: hey-ya :)
And just another thing,
and it seems to be happening a fair bit,
and it's possibly a function of having your screen at too low a gamma setting,
so that black and 'close to black' look the same,

but the background behind the squigily bits on the tile above (my tile) is black, whilst on yours it's a very dark green, thus leaving a hard line at the top of your tile.

You may need to turn up your screen brightness to notice it, but
it's mostly definitely there.

Other than that, I think you're tile is great, I love the mini waterfall effect. Great stuff.
Re: Re: hey-ya :)
Whoops :) My screen brightness and contrast are maxed out at the moment, but I did not notice that particular problem until you pointed it out. I chalk it up to an unluckily misplaced color sampler..! Thanks :)