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Comment: Infantile perhaps, but suitable for you buffoons. :)
Checked out at: July 06, 2001
Checked in at: July 07, 2001
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buffoons?! :)
Seriously, nice work Max. You're kicking some ass :) I really dig your tiles!

i like it
happy faces make the world a better place.... ahhhhhhh :D i think this tile is pretty cool.
Re: i like it
Well thank you muchly.

It's swell to hear positive feedback.

I must say,
tile-creating and unemployment,
go together like peaches and cream,

or perhaps geese and ganders,

or ..

something else equally compatible. :)
Re: Re: i like it
I second that - unemployed too =)... actually, it's probably just cause I'm too lazy to search for work =-)