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By: sprk
Checked out at: July 06, 2001
Checked in at: July 06, 2001
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really neat!
Hey thats kool
I just have to say, that is brill tranpancy effects u used there... and top the way u have used wot u were given, combinded with addin ur own touch in wit the face.... very very good, i just wish i wos as good, one day, maybe i will, til then i can only dream... strangely, its two of my tiles u had to fade into.... umm strange... :)
gozzy galore
Tnx. This was actually my first attempt on a manga face. =)
Very nice looking face! And a generally really polished-looking tile. I also like how this tile juxtaposes with my funky purple creature tile to the lower right.

My only criticism with the tile is that it's a little too much of a "world unto itself" -- your blending is good, but the scope of the tile is a little too self-contained, and doesn't give neighbors a chance to vamp off of the main subject of the tile.
whats up with all the stoner tiles????