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This tile is from The Incredible Machine (Invite Only)

Comment: Serious brain damage
Checked out at: June 18, 2001
Checked in at: June 18, 2001
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New tile. Nice work, TonchyZ!

Really cool
My tile, 2 below this one has a lot of the same ideas. It's almost funny even. The execution isn't quite this smooth though :)

Just remember, I checked mine in first!

I guess I also wish this one's background wasn't quite SO dark. Grouping of image-centric dark-background tiles end up looking like a bunch of separate pictures rather than a continuous quilt. But I guess my tile (when it shows up) will be just as guilty of that sin.

i really like this one
my eye just keeps getting pulled to it. it's almost like i expect something hidden in the shadows... it's got a very dramamtic/mysterious feel to it.