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This tile is from The Incredible Machine (Invite Only)

Comment: The Rusty Pipe Self Portrait.
Checked out at: May 25, 2001
Checked in at: May 25, 2001
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nice texturing
how do you do that? need tips please.
Re: nice texturing

Mostly it's just using regular photoshop filters.

To get a metal look, generate some noise, then put a motion blur on it so it looks brushed.

Other than that one, it's just a very diffuse paintbrush in the right spots.
Pretty cool
Very nice work. Gave it a 4 because you put your name on it, would have been 5 otherwise.

Very suitable starter tile.
Re: Pretty cool
I'm with levik... the adverts take away from the flow. There's a tile on the non-surreal quilt right now that really steals the focus because they have a little sign that says "ICE" on it. :(
Blue Indigo
would have given you 5+ but Slothy lets me not.. =(