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Checked out at: May 07, 2001
Checked in at: May 07, 2001
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The blend from the right is spotty at best... I don't see any incorperation with the round donut shape given to you... the only thing from the right you have is some of the color. The blend from the top also leaves something to be desired.

And then there's the bit about slapping us all in the face with a URL. I was hoping that I might find some examples of other work or something. Alas, the site isn't even up.

Is there a list of guidelines for quilting somewhere on this site? There's lots of people that "get it" but I can't seem to find anywhere a list of ways people can know EXACTLY what to do and what not to do. I saw a few threads about such a list previously and I'm still anxious to see it.

the site
the site is up, the url is digismack.net, as for the tile itself this is my first tile and it may take me a bit to get used to the idea of community based quilt work
oh well
just try another one, blend it good this time. people go to great lenghts to blend their own tiles, just be considerate and continue their hard work. no spamming please (on a tile), it cheapens the quilt.
Re: the site
I hope you can see how bad your tile sticks out among the rest of the tiles in the quilt so you can do a proper one next time. Looks like you've got some decent skills otherwise. Also, any tile with text, especially URLs, usually gets a big fat -5 score from me....this is a place to collaborate with other artists, not a place to spam. And uh, sorry if that sounded a bit harsh.
Re: Re: the site
Ok understand that the URL is really looked down upon (and I understand why.) But I did a tile (near the top with the bird) that had text. Is that considered acceptable? I thought text was acceptable when I saw the high score on the tile that had "may contain peanuts" written on it. I think some of the veterans need to write out a document with tiles etiquette and tips. It will really help out (us) newbies.