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This tile is from Mainquilters 32: Time

Comment: the melting sands of time
By: so0l
Checked out at: September 11, 2004
Checked in at: September 11, 2004
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man this tile gave me some troubles, i think it woulda turned out better with the exception of......when i deleted the original tile(except for the two borders i got), i think i was in a daze or something cause i deleted everything but the left border...so i get this tile almost completely finished with this hourglass with a guy trapped in it and everything...then suddenly im like "wait...wasnt there stars on the top border....sure enough, i deleted the border....so i didnt want to throw away the work i had done, so i remade the hourglass melting.....so now, its kinda stupid theres a guy trapped in it when alls he has to do is climb out lol

sorry to ramble, just wanted you to know, in case you were wondering the same thing :D