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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

Comment: My first tile here!!! Wow edges were hard, took me alot of thinking. Hope its ok :)
By: shrela
Checked out at: June 07, 2004
Checked in at: June 08, 2004
Checkout tile:


hint O_o
as it is your first tile and 4 given sides are pretty hard to connect i rate it a 4. You shouldnt continue given patterns by simply copy&paste'ing them, though.
btw: welcome! :)
Not too bad
4 sided tiles are often difficult, but you didn't blend with the one above very well at all, and from what I can see so far, nor did you blend the left much either.
As your tile was surrounded by 4 quite different tiles its very hard to make it look good individually. You should probably have continued the thin white lightnings (or whatever its supposed to be) at the top a bit further.
If I had dared to grab this tile I'd made the brown bottom mutating into a monster or a bear (covering most of the background and making it unimportant). O_o However - Just my 2 cents.

I guess if you create enough tiles and read lots of tutorials you will get better quite fast. Just don't give up :)
Thanks for the tips guys. :) Yes the lightening was difficult but it wasnt supposed to be lol. I had continued the lightening and then put a layer of clouds on it to make it look cool but it ended up just not showing up. Also the top tile had a 1 px line across part of it and I also had problems with that. I have done 2 more tiles so far so hopefully you will visit those and C/C :)