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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

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Checked out at: June 03, 2004
Checked in at: June 03, 2004
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Mirror mirror...
Mirroring the edge is an easy way to make sure it blends, but it doesn't look all that good. It doesn't leave a solid visible line like bad blending does, but it's still very noticeable.
Re: Mirror mirror...
But nevertheless, an interesting idea in my opinion. Now that you pointed it out, it's obvious - but personally, I must admit I didn't see it before :)
Re: Re: Mirror mirror...
Actually the strip that I mirrored...is mirrored 8 different times across the face of the whole tile. As each one is further away from the original it is faded out 10 percent. Personally I liked the effect and while I see many ways in which the tile could be improved upon the mirror effect in this particular circumstance blends the whole underground lava lake (or whatever you want to call it) in very well. After all what lake or body of water have you ever seen that does not act as a mirror.

As stated before there are probably a lot of ways that this tile could have been improved upon such as with the lighting and texture of the rock formations, etc. As well as the detail in the depth but over all I am pleased with the concept behind the tile and with the way it turned out.