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Comment: red and gold drape
By: Tamago
Checked out at: April 26, 2001
Checked in at: April 26, 2001
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What is it with me and fabric? It's the fault of those four sided tiles with really interesting things on all four sides.
Re: drape
I dunno, but it seemed to work out nicely...those four sided ones are tough. Gave ya a 5 just for doing a good job on the blending.
I'm giving you a '5'...
...just for taking on this tile.
I spent a couple of hours trying to do something with this tile, then finally I gave up and just let the time expire. :)
Re: I'm giving you a '5'...
i was too trying to do someting with this tile...but let the tile expire....

Nice what you have done

Re: Re: I'm giving you a '5'...
Gosh, guys! Thanks! This tile ate my brain and kept me from being productive at work because I kept drawing little doodles of what I should do with the tile during meetings. And to think I said to myself, "Oooh! Look! A four-sided tile! That ought to be fun..."
nice job =]