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Comment: Memories of Earth
Checked out at: April 22, 2001
Checked in at: April 22, 2001
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*damn*, that's clever and subtle. I kept looking at it, and looking at it, and then suddenly the whole picture snapped into view.

Very nice. 5.
Thanks. Yeah, this was the first of my tiles that broke the "scene" motiff. With my previous tiles, I tried to keep a common thread - almost a narrative approach - and so all of them were set up like shots from a movie. For this particular tile, the top border forced me to come up with a much more closely cropped image, and so it sort of broke the my whole approach. But it came out pretty cool. The distant city lights through the clouds was carried over from my first tile - Nirvana Falls - subtle and almost not noticable.
Re: Composition
the distant city thing looks kinda bad...ruins it...its blended in so bad = - \
Re: Re: Composition
Really? Most people like the city the most. It gives the tile a sense of depth. The city is confined to the center of the tile, so there was now blending neccessary. Thanks for the comments.
is the grate/wirey stuff next to his head? You used it on 2 tiles, so I was curious.
Re: What...
It is the lights from a city breaking through the clouds. I used it with the "Nirvana Falls" tile also.