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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

By: wahwho
Checked out at: April 23, 2004
Checked in at: April 24, 2004
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What happened here? I can see that you've done plenty of other really good tiles, yet this one doesn't seem to fit the theme of the quilt at all. It was difficult to blend from when most other tiles had a predominantly blue sky background and this one has grey. And the content isn't anything to do with the sun or grass or graves.
Re: wtf?
Unless something has changed since I was here last (always possible) this wasn't a themed quilt, so tiles don't have to have anything to do with sun or grass or graves...I mostly did it because all of the tiles seemed to have the exact same look, which while it can be nice, I find boring after a while. If people don't like it, delete it, it's fine with me, I was just trying to get the imagery moving in a different direction.
Re: Re: wtf?
One of the best reasons to make a tile.
Re: Re: wtf?
Personally, I interpreted the title to be the actual theme of the quilt. So far I've done three tiles for this quilt, and all of them coincide with the title. However, like you, I was ready for some dramatic transitions by the time I was on the third tile. Obviously, I wimped out and went for a mediocre transition (the slight grass and sky variation on "Shovel Boy").

Anyway, Kudos to you for thinking outside the box. This isn't your strongest tile, but at least you tried something different. If we can't experiment on a newbie quilt, then, well...that sucks.
Re: Re: wtf?
Yeah, sorry. I was having a bad day and so I guess I reacted a bit harshly. It's true the quilt isn't themed, but the title seems so very themey and I was frustrated by the border you'd given me from this. You're within your rights to do whatever you want in your tile.
Re: Re: Re: wtf?
Personally I like this tile. It is as if you are looking into an alternate dimension that just happens to overlap the current dimension. The fading from light gray at the bottom to dark at the top gives the tile a sense of depth. The blocks give the tile life and movement due to their blurred edges.