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This tile is from Mainquilters 30: Village Of The Living Dead

Comment: Burning bride
Checked out at: March 13, 2004
Checked in at: March 14, 2004
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What wrong with this then?
Howcome this has been getting '2's? I think its pretty good myself: its blended well and it keeps the theme... I give it a 4.
Re: What wrong with this then?
I agree ! quite dificul sides to work with.. from me you get a 4 also!
great tile, keep up the good work!!!
Re: Re: What wrong with this then?
Yep, about the only thing I can criticize, aside from the out-of-place blue thing in the middle, is the lack of contrast in the zombie and the terrain behind him. More contrast is always good, and alternating between lights and darks more often usually is, as well.
Re: Re: Re: What wrong with this then?
Thanks for the support and constructive criticism :D

In case you wanna know what the blue thing was, I had a dead guy sticking out the left side but it didnt turn out well so I took him out. The cap is all thats left of him.

I also just noticed the arm and tail thing are too similar and the shadow of the arm is too small. They seemed alright when I was zoomed in at a billion percent but I guess I didn't examine it thouroughly at regular size.