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This tile is from Newbies 32 - The Next Generation

Comment: the lost pup
Checked out at: March 01, 2004
Checked in at: March 01, 2004
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My first coin! Thanks raganaga!!
just noticed its not my first coin, but awesome nonetheless :)
Re: oops
WOW!! You have 4.8 for this tile! Good going weltall... 8^D
Tripping the Light fantastic
I'm really curious as to how you manage to get such dramatic lighting effects on your tiles. Do you use a brush set to 'Lighten' or do you have another technique that I'm not aware of?
Re: Tripping the Light fantastic
Hey kodgetts,
On this tile, I used 'dodge' on the grass, three layers with smudging and color dodge on the boxy things from the right, and 5 layers of the same for the ray in the middle (too much work for too little effect :P).

I don't usually do lighting (I usually just do pencil drawings on paper with light shading) so I'm still experimenting around with things right now. There are probably easier ways to do lighting. I use a variety of techiniques ranging from a partially transparent layer of light colors to...so much stuff I can't even undo it :( I guess the most important thing I do is leave an object and its lighting in seperate layers so I can keep messing with it until I like it. I don't use a set technique so I guess the best advice is to experiment. :)
Re: Re: Tripping the Light fantastic
Thanks! That does sound like a complicate way about things, but it is certainly effective!
I guess we all have our own ways of doing things, and thats the great thing about Photoshop - there are always at least 3 different ways of achieving the same effect. It'll be years before I'm familiar with every option available!!
I just realised that I did the tile above this one - can't wait to see how they look together!! *Fidgets impatiently*
Re: Anticipation!!
fear not... they look great together ;oD
Re: Re: Anticipation!!
Aaagh! No fair! You keep peeking out our hidden tiles! :^O
coinage :)
I gave you a coin for this tile because...well...frankly...I LOVE it...
the blending is GREAT...and it keeps with the overall flow of the quilt...

Keep it up!!!
Re: coinage :)
Thanks Mike!!
I usually spend 1 or 2 hours on a tile, but I spent a bunch of time on this one. I had some nice textures to work off of and I also wanted to do more experimentation than usual.