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Comment: Lots of Spooky Skulls Scare Blue Ghosts
By: root88
Checked out at: April 16, 2001
Checked in at: April 16, 2001
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This tile
It was fun blending 3 edges and seeing what popped out. This tile is visible and there isn't one below it, so that means we hit the bottom of the quilt. Good work guys, this one is almost done!
Re: This tile
I drew 20 skulls in the bone pile to the left incase you were wondering.
Re: Re: This tile
Great tile!

You blended to me perfectly it looks like, your addition to my rocky skulls will work great (I was to the left of you).

I can't wait to see this one done! :)

Re: This tile
how much time did you spent on drawing those skulls? Seems like a lot of work. I would prolly work 9hours on it with my f*c**dup mouse.
Re: Re: This tile
I only spent one hour on the whole tile... That's really REALLY fast for me. Most of the time was spent on the skulls though, and yeah I had a wacom to help me through it.