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Comment: Plop. Plop. Fizz. Fizz.
Checked out at: April 11, 2001
Checked in at: April 11, 2001
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Tubes, A Restrospective.
At this moment, I'm suspending my normal, smoking, drinking, smart ass self and replacing myself with the tile critic, smoking, drinking critical twit.

After some prodding, I finally took the time to check out a tile and managed to draw one near the bottom it appears. I only had the upper portion as a hint and wasn't quite sure what the two tiles next to me would take from my addition. Looking at it now, I'd say I could of pushed the tubes to run into the other frames and perhaps widened the testtube the earth is in, since neither side really used it. My main intention was for it to be continued below, but since it appears that we are at the bottom of the quilt, that won't happen. I think from a blending point, I managed to match the above tile and continue elements down into my tile, but again, if I had to do it again, I would push the tube elements over more into the left and right tiles. Anyhow, I enjoyed the experience, and managed a second crack at one that seems to be at the very top of the quilt. The subject matter itself, sort of pointed in the direction of an arm/hand or suction device from the green matter(hummingbird) hanging down from the tile above. After that, it was the addition of something for the suction/hand to attach itself to. A globe that was created for a job that's being worked on felt natural at the time and was put into place. The test tubes and secondary tubes added to the scene by suggesting we are all going to be sucked into the anus of some killer hummingbird. BASTARD! You snuck back in!

Enjoy...and now back to my normal, smoking, drinking, smart ass self.
Re: Tubes, A Restrospective.
Tubes? She's a Beauty? Will it cost me a dollar first?

Why is that bird pooping earth into my bong?

P.S. Your posts make less sense than mine.

P.S.S. You're right about Root88.