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This tile is from Newbies 29: What You Talkin Bout Willis?

Comment: Let the show begin!
By: m0nde
Checked out at: October 20, 2003
Checked in at: October 20, 2003
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lost comments
once a tile is resubmitted, i see that you lose the comments left for the previous piece. maybe this should be remedied.
Re: lost comments ?
if you click on the icon for the tile that was "sent back", you will find all of the comments that belonged to it there ;o)
Re: lost comments ?
doesn't work :(
it just takes me to the main quilt when i click on the old tile.
try it.
Re: Re: lost comments ?
hmmm ok, must be another glitch... i can see the old tile and posts just fine, and the checkin tiles... i'll pass it to the coders