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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: wasssaaaaapppp!
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: September 08, 2003
Checked in at: September 08, 2003
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the wrong blending...
... is not my problem, it is a dark line in the upper tile...
I think I should explain this tile...
... that red and green thing is a rose. Copied from a true rose. That black thing is something shiny, maybe black shiny paint. The rest are windows. The meaning of this tile is senseless, just done for pleasure, working with my right part of my brain. The rose has a thorn. Every rose has its thorn. The thorn is not very visible, this is because I work always at double resolution, in this resolution is near not visible. I've painted only a thorn because I'm so lazy. That black thing is very senseless. Just painting any kind of curves with my tablet. I love to do that. Yeah, using my right part of my brain. That windows are senseless. Just painting any kind of windows. Senseless. I like the composition. I don't know why, but I like it. I'm very senseless. Do you like glue? It may be black glue, I mean, the black shiny thing wich is not a rose. Even being glue, it is not less senseless. The rose is in the background with windows paper. Yeah, it is paper, as painted. It is not any rose, it is MY ROSE. Not every day I'm gifted with a rose. This is why I painted it. It is red. Or maybe pink, who knows. The true color is very similar to the color I used in the tile. I don't use to like to use the colors I see from the objects I copy, but it is not ANY object, it is MY ROSE. It is said that roses are red and violets blue.... and I would add here that my glue is black. the thorn is not red or green. I don't like roses without thorn, becuase Poison said all have thorns. I believe Poison. Not my favourite music group, but good one I think. And every cowboy sings his sad sad song. I'm not really a cowboy. I don't have any cow. Well, I like cows, but there are no cows in this tile, at least not painted one, you may think that the black glue is a cow... well, it is really a cow. One of these abstract black-glue cows. I love then. So, if the tile is mine, then the cow is mine, so I could be a cowboy and sing a sad song. But anyway, I don't need to be a cowboy to sing a sad song I think. I don't use to sing sad songs when I'm sad, I use to sing sad songs when I'm happy. It is not that senseless as it could appear. If I sing sad songs while I'm sad, I would cry. Sadness is sad. The conclusion is that this tile is the representation of the sadness of a sad sad cowboy who paints roses while he is ALIVE. Because, every rose has its thorn. Carpe noctem, baby!