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Comment: Flowers and thing
Checked out at: April 05, 2001
Checked in at: April 05, 2001
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mine =)
The blending in the top right isn't as good as I could wish it to be, unfortunately, but everything else I did totally free hand with the "brush" and "airbrush" tools and I'm terribly proud of myself =) No pre-canned effects at all! =)
Re: mine =)
Hmmm, I make nearly all my tiles like that :), kind of proud of myself too...
Re: Re: mine =)
Sorry, guess I wasn't too clear. I meant that I usually use the pen tool in Fireworks to draw paths so I can get perfect curves and such. I didn't do that with this one, painting straight with the brush, instead. =)
Excellent work
Nice, different style...sort of a chalky texture to it that I really like. Looks as if you used Corel Painter. Anyway, your last few tiles have been really great....keep up the good work, nessahead!
Re: Excellent work
'twas Photoshop and thank you =) Haven't been able to try out Corel Painter yet
Stick with photoshop!
Corel sucks! IMHO anyways :) great work btw I LOVE the texture. keep up the good work Nessahead!

Re: Stick with photoshop!
Corel might suck, but they own Painter now (orginally created by Metacreations). And Painter is really sweet if you have a wacom tablet to use with it.
The graphic designer at drDrew.com (cybele) had one of those and I was *so* jealous! Too expensive for me to justify buying one right now, though =(
Re: *drool*
same here. I wish I was rich :)