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This tile is from Newbies 24: We've Come a Long Way Since MS Paint...

Comment: Watch out for the whip.
By: Xode
Checked out at: May 07, 2003
Checked in at: May 07, 2003
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I voted a 4
but it would be a 5 if you just blended better.
Great idea, though :)
Re: I voted a 4
Just out of curiosity, what did i not blend well?
Re: Re: I voted a 4
The right side of the image could be blended better and the next seems abit out of alignment otherwise a nice job ... 4 from me
being a newbie quilt, where the voting is supposed to be "easier" anyway i voted 5. nice tile :o)

the blend is off a bit though... when you work on a dark edge it's a good idea to turn the monitor gamma up in your art program so you can see what's really there in the darker areas of a blend.
Re: this...
Anyway... xode is pretty darned good and now has enough points to do the mq tiles. Good going! And I like the tile a lot, looks funny with the one above it too. Having said that, the right side should have been blended better.
Re: this...
thanks for the tip raganaga, ive never thought of that.. still looks completely black to me tho.. hmmm..
cleavage :o))
it might have sounded like i meant there was something in the border you were given that you missed. that was not what i meant though. you're correct, the borders you got were completely black as far as i can tell. i think they were saying that where you began your gray areas at the top right, and the right, you left a straight line that delineates the edge of your tile.

it's so dark though that it is very hard to see [on my monitor anyway] and i personally would not have taken off any points for the blend on this tile on a newbie or main quilt. ;o)