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This tile is from Newbies 24: We've Come a Long Way Since MS Paint...

Checked out at: May 08, 2003
Checked in at: May 08, 2003
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i'm not saying you're not bill gates... but i believe the image in this tile is copyrighted, so unless you're him this tile might constitute enfringement. just guessing, and at this point it's just a suggestion, but you may want to redo this tile... maybe draw your own version of him or whatever... also you left a solid black line at the bottom of your tile.
just holler if you want to rework this one.

Yeah, I got the matching tile for this one and I was pretty disappointed to see the left border as I had no clue what to match up with...it didn't seem to harmonize at all with the other borders and I also noticed the black "gap" at the bottom border...I would also suggest that this tile be redone as there wasn't much I could do with the left hand side, except to leave it black...once it's redone though, I could consider redoing the left side of mine...do let me know!
Re: Ummm...
I don't think the problem is that the left side is "boring", or "not fitting". That's the challenge of this. To mesh together tiles while making something interesting at the same time. Especially on a newbie quilt, where there is no particular theme it's going to be hard for every tile to harmonize, no matter how good a person is. Even on better quilts people might work hard to get all the sides to work together. So I don't think the left side is much of a problem because it's really simple, and your other sides were very complicated.
all black edge
As the guy to the left of you I found the all black to be a little minimalistic, especially since it was the only one that was finished on my download. Hence the title of my tile. I actually really like the way yours combines with the dress below. Let me know if you redo the black line at the bottom, and I will remove it from mine.
A couple of more pointers
Apart from using a picture protected by copyright and leaving nothing for your neighbours to work from, you have also left the left and bottom borders with completely black lines. This both disturbs the smoothness of the collaboration and forces your left and right neighbours to continue to line to their own tiles.
On coming tiles, try to give the tilers on your sides something interesting to work from so that they could continue it, thus making the quilt have a continuous flow.
Don't stop making tiles, though. Take the criticism with you to the next tile and try to do better.
Hope to see some more of your work soon.