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This tile is from Mainquilters 18: The Cook in Calistoga

Comment: Even happy crocodilos are scary, brrr.
Checked out at: January 03, 2003
Checked in at: January 03, 2003
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hehe :D ;)
I got the honor to do the one to the right of you.. I think they will fit together... (I hope) Love your tile, gave it a 5

Jens.. That is a danish name mostly, are you from Denmark? If so, I am too :)

Good Christian
Re: Cool!
heey, thx Fantasia :D

I'm from Belgium actually, the Dutch speaking part. It's not a really common name for people from my age (17). But apparently there are a lot of smaller kids with the name Jens walking around :)
I've been on a vacation in Denmark a few years ago, saw a lot of street names with "jens" in it, I thought it was kinda cool :D
Good Christian