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This tile is from Mainquilters 18: The Cook in Calistoga

Comment: Peacock
Checked out at: December 28, 2002
Checked in at: December 29, 2002
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But try not to run things right up to the edges of your tile, at least not more than 25% of an edge. That emphasizes the line between your tile and your neighbor's too much for my taste.
Re: Beautiful
Yeah, it's too close for my taste too. While I was working on it zoomed in at 400% and could see the *small* space between the tree & the neighboring tile, it seemed fine. Wasn't until after I had it finished and looked at it at actual size that I noticed it looked like I had buried the limbs under the top layer. Next time, I'll nudge it over a bit more.
Re: Re: Beautiful
you rock
Re: Re: Re: Beautiful
Wow, thanks! :-)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Beautiful
I love your stuff!
Re: Re: Beautiful
I would love to see the full-size version.
Re: Re: Re: Beautiful
Thanks for the coin Bob :-)

Actually, this is the full size version. I drew an outline of a peacock a little larger than the tile, scaled it, dropped it on the background, colored it in and scaled it down again. I just zoom in quite a bit while I'm working on it to see what I'm doing. And after a computer format last night, this is the only version at all. All my .psd's are gone.

Fantasia, thanks :-)
Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: Re: Beautiful
heh, I see everyone works on his own way :)
I just block in some colors of the borders, then take 1 px brush, zoom in 400% and draw and paint my figure and finish of the background.

Great tile, especially with my boring border ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Beautiful
Thanks Jens :-)

I didn't mind working with your border at all. When I see borders with mostly colors, it always keeps me guessing as to what's going on next door!
Simply Beautiful!!!
Whatta tile kiddo!
Re: Simply Beautiful!!!
Thanks! :-)
Re: Re: Simply Beautiful!!!
Eh, forgot to log out of Kort's account again :-/
Chritine.. if u dont mind me asking... What software u really use to make it this prett a picture..?? i am a lil new to it but would like to learn :)
Re: question..
Hi Slice. The only graphic program I have used (so far) is Photoshop. What are you starting out with?
Re: Re: question..
Photoshop :) but have a Loooooooooooooong way to even come close to what u r doin ;)
Re: Re: Re: question..
Slice, I've used Photoshop for about 4 years now, but mainly for webpage layouts and the like. I'm still pretty new at trying to create an actual recognizable picture, but it's getting easier! I picked up a Graphire 2 a few months ago, and that's been a big help. I used to paint (acrylic mostly) but as you know, using a mouse or tablet isn't nearly the same as using a brush with a wet medium. I still have a looong way to go myself! ;-)
Re: Re: Re: Re: question..
nice :).. so u r a pro compared to me then cuz u used to paint as well...hehe...for me. i just came to this website through my freinds & like it.. but never have I painted anything in my life..& to tell u the truth whatever i have done...gets really tough when u r doin it with a simple MOUSE..LOL.

Thnx for the help & chat tho ;) will keep in touch & im sure u mind any questions or help :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: question..
Just because I used to paint doesn't make me a pro at digital painting. I'm having to learn all over again. Digital stuff is alot harder for me, by far. But it's fun and keeps me out of trouble ;-)

Of course if I can answer any questions or offer any help at all, I will. Just ask :-)

Good luck & have fun tiling!
Just wondering
if you use a pad of mouse? I think I know the awnser, and if so,what kind do you use?

Thanks C
Re: Just wondering
I have a Wacom Graphire II. If you're looking to buy a tablet, get a good one. Don't waste your money on something cheap. I also have a cheapie Pablo that I bought first, and it really sucks. I guess it still comes in handy though. My 1 yr old likes to sit on it and chew up the pen. ;-)
Re: Just wondering
I just use a simple Microsoft mouse.. rollerball one.not even optical..on a simple. lets see. rubber pad..?? lol
Re: Re: Just wondering
The first few of my tiles were done that way too, and any of the ones I fiddle with at work are still done with a mouse. I need to see if I can talk my boss into getting me a tablet for work ;-)
Re: Re: Re: Just wondering
hehe...that'll be nice.lol
Re: Re: Re: Just wondering
I cant afford anythin at this time...just paid past due amount of $6,000 in tuition for past 3 semesters....LOL..... broke as broke can be..hehe..sux.but oh well...momma always use to say that...haha... love that movie ;)