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This tile is from Merry AntiChristmas

Comment: I know it sucks but I ran out of time.
Checked out at: December 16, 2002
Checked in at: December 17, 2002
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it doesn't suck

i got the tile to the left of this one... i almost put Santa's feet coming down the chimney and into the flames... but i thought you probably already had in this tile. guess he got away :o)
Re: nah...
Funny, I didn't even think of putting Santa in the fire.
Thanks for tying this together! Between you and Tony, this quilt
just might be a holiday winner! I can't wait to see if that one detail
in my tile was really a buckle on Santa's belt! Damn, did we wait for this
Re: Christine:
Eddie, what do you mean between me and Tony? I love that belly you drew! The downside to milk 'n cookies ;-) I've wanted to work on this quilt more, but I've been having some nasty-ass computer problems here at home lately. I checked out a tile tonight since my pc hasn't crashed yet today so maybe I can install Photoshop and get something done! I'm going through withdrawals...