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This tile is from Mainquilters 17: The Glass Swarm and the Vivisectionist

Comment: Biological waste facility
By: Mantic
Checked out at: November 26, 2002
Checked in at: November 26, 2002
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Trying harder...
...to give good lead-outs and work with the leads I'm getting. Can't wait to see what this fella's head is (or what it's stuck in), and hopefully he'll have some crazy thing for a right arm in the next tile.
Re: Trying harder...
crazy thing it'll really be... hehe :)
Re: Trying harder...
superb blend and really neat tile... although, the green slime will probably be blended very surreal... a bit to surreal for my taste. But that's just my guess...
Re: Re: Trying harder...
I am not into the surreal thing, either. But a lot of folks seem to try to be weird on these mainquilts and I'm getting used to it. Never know what the next person might do :)
Re: Re: Re: Trying harder...
yup.. that's why I mostly stay away from the mainquilt nowadays. The few precious hours I can dedicate to tiling each week, I really wanna do something good out of.. My feelings is - don't try to be weird. It's more fun if weird stuff happens on it's own =)
Re: Trying harder...
hehehe, my tile is the one above this, and his head certainly is weird!