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Comment: [Pain]
Checked out at: November 29, 2002
Checked in at: November 29, 2002
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A poem to go with it...
those curves of yours,
bending relentlessly,
just like they should.

that smile you have,
shining forever,
I wish I could.

reassuring touch,
just walking by,
your hand in mine.

see them all,
grasping for,
they stand in line.

but not for me.

Re: A poem to go with it...
10... 5 each for the tile and the poem :o)

[i really like the idea of a poem to accompany a tile]
Re: Re: A poem to go with it...
yeah.. I guess feelings comes in all forms and to fully express it you would really have to use all avaiable mediums..
Re: A poem to go with it...
Is there a meaning for the acrostic of "MUCH?" Much pain?
This is how I always pictured pain to be.
5+ (i.e., a coin)
I'm an amateur surrealist poet, so I love that idea. I always put care into my titles, and this shows you do too.
Keep up the great poetry.
Re: Marvellous
I do not understand your other post as I do not know what the word "acrostic" means...

Well... anyway, let me tell you this. Sometimes I draw just to draw. Not much to it, just draw stuff and try to make it look good. Other times, like this time, I draw things to express and perhaps thereby supressing, a feeling. When I do that, I am not happy with what I have drawn until it states in my honest opinion in perfectness what feeling I must express. This time, it was a naging pain, tearing me slowly apart. Drawing this tile surely helped, it was the terapeutic value that made me do this tile.

Seeing you enjoy it is very important to me now, afterward, when I have parted with the pain I felt. It gives me somehow the reassurance that the pain I felt was real, or atleast subjectively great.

Anyway, thanks for the coin and such, and now it's of to bed for me (04:09 in the night) ...

Re: Re: Marvellous
Oh, if you look at your capital letters in the poem, it spells the word MUCH. perhaps your subconscious got you.
Yes, art is therapeutic. So is poetry. The combination is healing.
Drawing gets things out of your system. And if they already are out of your system, it helps you recognize that they were there before, and it makes you stronger for it.

We're all sharing feelings here, as well as artwork.