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This tile is from Mainquilters 17: The Glass Swarm and the Vivisectionist

Comment: poor rabbit!
By: enzi
Checked out at: November 16, 2002
Checked in at: November 16, 2002
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just wondering what was wrong with this tile that I can fix up in future tiles... I though it was quite good :(
Re: suggestions
My personal scoring system

3 if the bending is really good
2 for the concept and tecnique
5 that makes a five of score:)

Scoring for this tile

2 For the bending cause it is good but still can be improved
2 for the concept cause it made me laught real hard :D

that makes a solid four in my scoring system, still donĀ“t get all busted up with the scoring system, have fun, and make people laught and think from time to time :) :D

keep the good work up i hope to see more tiles of u:)
Re: Re: suggestions
thanks... i was just worried cos I've got two more tiles done in this style that aren't visible yet, and it only had a score of 2.3 from the regulars... I thaought I'd better change somthing before I did another!