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This tile is from Finally! The new site!

Comment: djeez, my blending skillz suck bigtime :))
Checked out at: March 24, 2001
Checked in at: March 24, 2001
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thank you for coming here :P
Its all about the blend
The picture in it self is not bad. It is not an origional peice of artwork, even if you did take the picture. The ideia of the quilt is to add onto the entire theme. Thaat all starts at the blending of the tiles together. Try to continue a pattern or theme from the existing tiles. Your tile need not be its own independant picture, but rather continue from its neighboring tiles. Keep trying.
I have no idea if it was intentional or not, but the whole idea of "sabotaging" the tile above with that orange is pretty creative. Somehow I suspect it wasn't intentional, and thankfully people more intelligent than myself spotted it earlier.

That's not to say that I personally want to see it more. I certainly don't :)