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Comment: sunset
Checked out at: March 23, 2001
Checked in at: March 24, 2001
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Re: Blending
There must have been a bug because that is only possible on the first tile. I like the pic though, I can't wait to see how everyone else blends into it.
dubious intellect
Re: Re: Blending
Thanks. If that was a bug though, at least some of this tile won't blend at all. Wahhhh! :'(
I was ready to run over here and chew you out for not blending; that's my tile right below and I was kinda proud of it =P Too bad about the bug thing, though
You did a lot with only 2 colors.
I like this tile very much. It's very dramatic and diverse, especially since it only uses orange and black.
dubious intellect
Re: You did a lot with only 2 colors.
Thank you. I hope you will do some tiles on this quilt. Are you thinking about it?
Re: Re: You did a lot with only 2 colors.
I did one but its not up there yet.

To bad yours didn't get blended better.
Sorry guys :(
Again, now that I nipped this Imagemagick bug, this shouldn't ever happen again. Please let me know if you see white edges on the tiles you check out.

Again, I'm sorry for the bugs!