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This tile is from Newbies 18: Our Improved Flavor Might Surprise You!

Comment: Ooooh elder branch , tell us a story !
Checked out at: November 12, 2002
Checked in at: November 12, 2002
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Very nice
I like it! 5 from me!
3rd tile for this site =]
Thats my 3rd tile done for this site ;)

glad you like it , in my case Im dead tired of seeing it ;)

oh well =]

CnC welcome like always ;)
Re: 3rd tile for this site =]
good tile man. much better than the other 2 i see. ;)
Re: Re: 3rd tile for this site =]
thx =]

Ill try and do less quickies ;)

Though I gotta learn how to work faster somehow @_@
Kick ass.
Pretty damn kick ass. I love the detailk on the head, water reflection, and land in the upper left. Also, not be a wanker but in your checkin tile you left the top and right border with distinct edges that end up showing seams. I dunno about you but those are bane of my tiling experience (that and the massive amount of time they take =P)
Re: Kick ass.
haha , yea .... I have a few problems with my "ready tiles" action in photoshop .... always leaves those damn borders ... Ill try and correct this in the future ;)