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This tile is from Self Portraits

Comment: sometimes i actualy smile..,. :-)
Checked out at: November 13, 2002
Checked in at: November 13, 2002
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Very simular
to this one
Looks like the same pic to me..

Re: ??
i know .. it's actualy almost the same picture .. but some things are different, it started as a selfportrait but this time i corrected the few things that i didn't think realy looked like me .. i forgott that i already had used this pic in another tile .. this is actualy a quite big picture that i did a long time ago, so, sorry for using the same picture two times a litle cheap i guess. I just had forgotten about it. at the same time i uploaded it i realize it. .. i thought it came out ok anyway. wont do it again thou. :/

my sincear appoligies heinzon :)
(i'll promise i'll make it up to you with some great tiles in the future... hopefully)