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Comment: strange creatures fly-/swimming out of an alley
By: takkie
Checked out at: March 20, 2001
Checked in at: March 20, 2001
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real real gone
Hey, in addition to being a very cool and distinct tile, this also has some extra special properties. When you scroll up and down, you get a cool persistance-of-vision illusion where it looks like the blue thingies move. I was waiting to see if anyone else noticed this, but it's apparently getting close to the end of this quilt so I wanted to bring it up before it was too late.

Was that something intentional, Takkie?

Very cool, mang.
Re: real real gone
actualy, nope, I ran out of time so I painted some blue thingies to make sure my tile wasn't too boring, that's all :)
That's amazingly neat... I feel kinda silly doing it, though =P
Re: wow!
hahaha, yup it's like wiggling a pencil! cool tile too!