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This tile is from Mainquilters 14: Behold gravity, in all its glory!

Comment: Grey dawn at the beach
By: Hjohan
Checked out at: July 23, 2002
Checked in at: July 23, 2002
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Sad you didn't continue those pretty structures on the left :(
that's kinda not the way... Great tile though, so it's sure worth a 4.
Re: 4-
Sorry man but I didn't see what it was =( I tried to make it out but I couldn't, so it became some weird control panel.. hehe. But I guess that's what tiling is all about, isn't it? :-)
Re: Re: 4-
Of course, it's no matter what you thought this to be, but most objects didn't go any further than the edge.. Anyway, it's a good tile, but just not blended as much as I expected... so it's all ok :)
Re: Re: 4-
umm... I just got it. WHAT do you think it is now, when you see it?.. I have no idea :)
Re: 4-
I thought the radio on the beach was a great idea.
Re: Re: 4-
Yeah, it's great, but it seemed to me that hjohan used too little of the stuff.
yes, nice tile...
i especially like the way the beachball is rendered :o)