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This tile is from Newbies 13: Tile All You Want, We'll Make More

Comment: It's Flag Day!
By: Soxan
Checked out at: June 14, 2002
Checked in at: June 14, 2002
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What were you thinking?
See title... seriously... purple noise with text that doesn't even fit... you can do far better than this.
Re: What were you thinking?
Not to worry - I've given up tiling ....

And thanks for the "constructive" criticism - it sure made my day!
Re: Re: What were you thinking?
Don't be so thin skinned, your other tiles are much better. Don't give up yet. You just gave your neighbors reall bad borders. Black edgse don't do much for blending and the noise is nearly impossible to blend smoothly. Also, using a font on a tile is usually a no-no in general. Text distracts from the flow of the quilt and that makes the quilts look like dozens of indiviual projects instead of one group project.