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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

Comment: 111: my second tile
By: 111
Checked out at: February 19, 2002
Checked in at: February 19, 2002
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Nice second
Keep in mind, though, that you should continue all of the shapes in the borders you're given throughout the tile, not just smudge them a little into your tile and then fill in the middle. Sure, it looks nice on its own, but this is a quilt, not a collage. The left side was blended particularly jarringly.
Re: Nice second
ok. I'm learning. It's a pitty, that my best fourth tile is lost due to anavailability of this site for me yesterday:((((. The fourth tile was made with wacom graphire, I have blended image perfectly, spent about 3 hours of work. And now it's lost. I'm crying :~(
Re: Re: Nice second
whoop it up online somewhere and post a link so we can awe in wonder =)
Re: Re: Re: Nice second
thank you. The 4th tile is in quilt. I was proposed to check it out again.