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Comment: Anyone notice the dragon's spikes facing backward?
By: gecko
Checked out at: March 01, 2002
Checked in at: March 01, 2002
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Backward spikes
That's no issue, the dragons just a tad bit contrary is all, what I am looking at and wondering about is what is going on with the birds tail? Did the dragon dust it with something that broke it's quills and magical roses come shooting out it's ends, something like the myth of putting salt on a robins tail to keep it from flying away? It's just throwing me off a little I guess, love your work though, but I think you probably know you rock.

Re: Backward spikes
Nah, the dragon doesn't really have anything to do with the bird, they're just next to each other. I sat down, decided I liked roses and just drew them. And wouldn't you know it, I can -never- get a 5 on my rose tiles. They're just cursed roses. :)
Re: Re: Backward spikes
Naw, I love your roses, looking like they are coming from the dragons ball clutched in his paw more than flowing upwards from the birds tail may have been a better blend. What throws off the tile is what's going on in the birds tail, it looks like it's splintering, can you check it back out and rework it? The roses are beautiful. Maybe a little dispexia showing up in your work by the dragons spikes going in the opposite direction and the flowers flowing backwards? It's called being a contrary, like the Indian in the old movie "Little Big Man". Loved that Indian.
Re: Re: Re: Backward spikes
Oh, yeah, I tried to make the tail look more flowing, but couldn't do it with the tile to the left. I just made them facing the wrong way or something.