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This tile is from Newbies 7: Showing the Mainquilters How It Is Done

Comment: Shadow Warriors
By: Acid11
Checked out at: January 20, 2002
Checked in at: January 20, 2002
Checkout tile:


Bad possibilities...
...to connect at your top-tilesite.
Try better next time. Thanxs
MiZe (Germany)
Re: Bad possibilities...
did you even notice the tile i checked out, this was the first tile on the quilt, he blended to me, thanks for the low score, smart one
Re: Re: Bad possibilities...
connect, i dont see a dissconnect, what are you talking about, i did my tile before you, you were expected to connect to me!
Re: Re: Re: Bad possibilities...
oh i got it, i didnt put birds, sorry, i thought you were talking about the chessboard thing you did, connecting to mine, sorry for the misunderstanding
nice start
at least better than newbies 6 :)