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Pike Wake Turbulence
'llo all...

I'm a 33-year-old Swedish guy with to many interests for my very limited spare time, computer graphics being one of them and collaborative creations an other. With that background I couldn't really stay away from this place and I'll try to keep coming back until work catches up on me or I get kicked out.

I've done some painting (acrylics mostly), sketching and ink drawings, but I wouldn't go so far as calling myself an artist (not even an amateur one). My computer graphics history has been mainly with abstract decorations for web-pages (no live ones around right now, though) and 3d modelling with Poser and Rhino 3d.

For my doodling here I like to do abstract organic shapes mixed with pieces of machinery. I use PaintShop Pro and Painter (depending on my mood and the task at hand) and a Wacom tablet.

When I'm not making strange pictures I enjoy making even stranger noises (some of it might even be called music) on my synthesizers and samplers, and I've even been known to write some in-joke-infested and pun-riddled prose to amuse myself and a close circle of friends who are demented enough to enjoy it (only in Swedish).

One last thing: My nickname has very little to do with fish and nothing at all with fishing. Wish that the companies who send me spam about tackle and lures every day would realize that...