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Uhm.. Not sure what to say here. I figure I'll tell ya what hard-ware I've got for my tiling.
AMD Athlon 900mhz.
512MB PC133 Ram.
2x40 in Striping RAID Array.
and a pair of Sony 19" CPD-G400's.
Oh yeah, and music. Lot's of music.

Industrial, Techno, Hard House, Electronic, Rock, Alternative.
yeah, that's me.
[email protected]
I have a wonderful 300mhz AMD, encased in an Aptiva E3N, connected with a jam coated keyboard and mouse, as my addiction to PB&J is unstoppable and forces me to eat drippy gooey sandwiches over my 'puter. As well I have 256m PC100 SDRAM, and Corel PhotoPaint, yes corel. Although I much prefer Adobe but I don't have that kind of money. I hobby in music, well I make electronic soundscapes held within a realm of self taught music theory. I like that hippie chick in the muppets, y'know the one with the straight long yellow hair, the one that only seems to say, "wow maahn", the one in the band. Its quiet here.
Joo Lee San
The most amazing rendetion of teats and milk I ever saw.. wtg 0wl