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Chewbacca the wookie!
Hey ya'll this is the mighty Mojo... Let me just say first of all; THIS SITE ROCKS. It is the first "interactive" gallery site I have found. Not only that; but it gives challenge to any artist who wishes to participate. A lot of the "mini-works" I have seen on here are marrrrrrvelous. I really never played with my art programs much except to touch up photos and the occasional drunken playtime... Now though, I have a place to play and be seen.

So I hope ya'll enjoy my tiles. If not, tell me... I love constuctive criticism, and if you want to completely bash me for the tiles... Or feel like ripping me to shreds verbally about my works on my web-site... Feel free, "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."


P.S. Muchas Gracias Slothy....