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Odd question
Why do you title all your tiles with your name? It looks kind of strange, and it makes me kind of stop and try to reconcile the 'title' of a given tile with the image.

If it's a way of signing them, you don't have to do that, you can change your info so that the 'name' slot has your name in it (I just chose to put my handle there), so everyone knows what the name of artist is.
Re: Odd question (even odder answer :)
umm, dunno :) ... well the first tile i did i didnt realise it would sign it for me so when i saw it and it had my handle and my name i clicked, but then ever after that i just didnt know what to stick in the title so i just wacked my name in, and yes im aware it looks daft :) as for why i carried on doing it, heaven knows :) but now i guess i have an excuse to stop :)