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This tile is from Mainquilters 6: The Premature Best-Of Album

Comment: Chudo-judo-riba-huj
Checked out at: January 12, 2002
Checked in at: January 12, 2002
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Being the little private detective I am, I've come to the conclution that it's you who had a bad day today, and therefore is down-voting a lot of tile... Please don't do that. It's a destructive behavior. And now, just because I write this, I hope that nobody votes down your tiles... It ruins the atmosphere when people always gets low scores on their "not-that-bad"-tiles, but it's not very effective to give eye-for-an-eye and vote down others...

Always try to judge the art objectively, and if you're in a mood that makes it impossible for you to judge the art objectively, ABSTAIN from voting instead...

Now. My apologies if it is not you. I based by assumptions on the fact that of the four new visible tiles, all had one vote, and yours was voted by you. That lead me to assume that it was also you who had voted on all the others. If this is in error, please accept my apologies. (uhm. I already wrote that, didn't I? =) ) ...

Well, that's another thing I should tell you... Voting a 5 for yourself generally doesn't look good. If you compare this tile to some of the other tiles that are out there, it simply isn't worth a 5. You will become better as an artist while drawing here at tiles, we all have, and you will do better tiles than this. I'm not saying it's a bad tile, I'm just saying it's not worth a 5 and when artists vote 5 for themself, well, it just looks bad. I've been there too, voting fives for my own art but now I've realised that there just is no point to it.

Well.. .I guess I'm starting to bore you all, so if you all feel enough drilled, I'm going to cease these short-story-tendencies and just hope that my english has been sufficient for all you americanucks, cannucks and englishbuggahs, out there... wee.... aw fuck. time for breakfast. (okay, and learn from my mistake here people, never try to write anything ... smart... before breakfast... especially when you've got a hangover...)

[email protected] talking too much
Re: Damien..
nice message
i can vote as i want...
i give me 4 and 5 because i like the things i've done, else i've not check them in, but cancel.
It's very rare if i vote negative score... And be sure today nobody get it...
Thanx for long message. When i'll get enough time i'll read it all.
Re: Damien..
once again... the best tile in this quilt (imho)has mark 4.6, the worst one 0.
S o i think in this case 2 and 3 points fo so-so tile is OK. Why did you write this novel???
Re: Re: Damien..
Well, I've been chatting a bit with Straxz and he's been getting a tad bit depressed cause his tiles score so low, even tho their pretty good. (IMHO).. So when I noticed he had gotten a low score, I kind of just... reacted =)

Something I notice about your tiles Damien, is that they lack a little bit of contrast... Try using more specular hilights and dark shadows in your pictures, that way adding more depth. Sometimes it can be scary using strong contrasts, but it mostly looks better with too much than too little...
Re: Re: Re: Damien..
That's true, to be sure that I'm getting better for each tile I think my score got to be better than the tiles I did a half year ago. Thank you for your concern. Damien, in this tiling business you stand along many difficulties one of them is to blend in your own work into other styles, that is one of the absolute most hardest things to do in tiling (that is the mother of tiling). If you have a blurry edge then take it as a challenge and impress, as harder edge you get the bigger challenge you get and if you make the challenge then you will have a fabulous result! This kind of challenges makes you better as an artist, next time you get a similar edge you won’t have as much problems as the first time, make that as you guiding star.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Damien..
Come on! I've seen your tiles! Some of them are really great and have all 5 points from me! But not this one! Befor i've gave you points i've seen your other tiles! I'm sure this one not one of the best! U can draw much better! (Sorry, if i was a reson of depression).
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Damien..
Thank you!
Re: Re: Re: Damien..
Hi!... I've visit the page with your details and find out that our average voting score are very close :) ) If we take into account the fact that you are better then me as an artist and can vote in the best quilts - than it means that my points in Mainquilters and Newbies are higher :) )
So I don't know why do you think that i'm gloomy bastard who gives big points to himself and low points for others :) )
Re: Re: Re: Damien..
Oh... i've forget... Thanx for notice. I'll try to take it into account : ))