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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: My first tile! Done way too late at night.
By: scythe
Checked out at: January 09, 2002
Checked in at: January 09, 2002
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Yeah you! Talk about my tile!!! ? :)
Re: Hey!
The only particularly bad part of your tile is the visible aliasing on the left and right sides of the eye, where the black lines end suddenly with no blending. Aside from that, it's great. I would suggest the following though:

* In the future, make the dark lines of the teeth much darker - bring out the contrast (and not by pulling a slider :). Do dramatic shading, so that the bottom right of each tooth is almost black, and has bright highlights where the light hits them.

* The lighting on the teeth and on the eye appear to be different. The shading is so subtle on the teeth that it's hard to be sure, but it looks to me light the teeth on the upper left are darker on the right side, meaning the light is coming from the upper left (the "standard" lighting for most things). But the eye only gets dark on the bottom left, which implies a light in the upper right corner.

* If the eye were round, it would get dark on all the sides, not just the bottom left. On the bottom left it would get the darkest, but it would get dark on the edges. That would make the eye pop out more.

* Additionally, due to the wetness of an eye, it would have a big specular highlight on it. So most of the eye would be a shade of gray, and there would be a bright white dot where the light is reflecting off the eye and into the viewer's.

All those are nitpicky though, I'm thinking of suggestions for you. This really is a great first tile (normally we worry about blending on a first tile, not about subject matter stuff). Keep up the great work!

Re: Re: Hey!
Input from the great Slothy himself! Yah, i did this tile way too fast and wasnt thinking about lighting, and i noticed the aliasing on the thing after I uploaded it. Thanks a lot for giving me some tips!